Who is Steven Robinson

It’s a good question! 

He’s a one-armed pilot, dressage champion, business entrepreneur, international motivational speaker and now a best selling author despite being dyslexic!

But above all, Steven is a man who is truly inspirational, combining humour and humility in any situation. 

With so many fantastic stories to tell, Steven proves beyond doubt, that any one of us can overcome personal or professional obstacles, finding success regardless of circumstance!

Born and bred in a deprived area of Leeds, Steven grew up with low self-esteem and was severely bullied throughout his school life. As a teenager, he found an escape in the sport of motocross, learning how to ride motorbikes through the most treacherous terrain.

But at just 18, that came to an abrupt end when he lost his right arm in an horrific accident. 

Determined that this would not mean the end of his dreams or a happy life, Steven went on to achieve great things. As a business person he proved to be tenacious, inventive and highly successful as a designer and manufacturer of early digital jukeboxes plus restorer of “one armed bandits” – no really, you couldn’t make it up! 

Steven’s mind continued to work in ways that are different from the norm. Perhaps this is because he has learnt the hard way that when terrible things happen it can bring out the best in us. 

And as for overcoming fears, he is now a champion in this field. With a deep-seated fear of horses he decided to get into dressage, designing bespoke one armed reigns. Not only did he thrive in his new hobby he has gone on to win tournaments.

Frightened of flying, Steven gained a scholarship for disabled people to become a pilot. That in itself was an achievement. But how was he going to do it with only one arm? Simple. He went into the shed at the bottom of his garden and designed and made his own prosthetic arm – as you do!

And then just when he thought life couldn’t get any better,  Steven was proudly awarded the BEM from Her Majesty the Queen for services to Disabled people – not bad for a one armed Yorkshire lad from “Buggy Park”!

“No Arm In Trying” The story of true grit and resilience. The strength of character to not only survive but to excel and to demonstrate by actions that ‘Anything Is Possible!’

39 years ago, an accident caused Steven to lose his right arm. Now, he looks back over his life at the challenges and the amazing moments that have shaped his future. Steven would tell you his life is not that remarkable, but in this book, you’ll see that he truly is. He is an inventor, a pilot, equestrian and dancer; and that’s just the beginning.

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