You can’t buy resilience, it’s not in the shops nor on the internet, fortunately it’s already within us all. Sometimes all we need is guidance to help us access it. My journey has been one of extreme change and resilience was my key to overcoming those changes. Let me show your team how to build the resilience they need to overcome the problems they may be facing. 



Steven Robinson is an award winning motivational speaker, using the experience of his own journey to inspire clients to achieve their goals and dreams.

 Positive Change

 Steven came from a poor background and dealt with bullying through his educational life, but after a tragic motorcross accident at the age of 18 that resulted in him losing his right arm, he made an astounding positive change proving to everyone and himself that we are capable of overcoming obstacles and building the future we truly deserve.

 From Break Dancer to Speaker

 The successes that followed have been largely created by Steven’s determination and incredible work ethic. Not only is he an inspirational speaker but has revolutionised the jukebox industry by inventing his own digital jukebox and also restores vintage jukeboxes alongside manufacturing them. As well as his career in the jukebox industry, he owns several houses to which he is a landlord and has worked as many things such as a motor mechanic, DJ, karaoke compare and break dancer. Proof that if Steven can do all these things with one arm, his clients soon realise what they are capable of and their true potential.

 Flying in the Face of Fear

 A story of great accomplishment, Steven has set out to conquer his fears in the most astounding ways. Once afraid of horses he is now a dressage competitor and where he was once afraid of flying he is now a qualified private pilot, who was awarded “The Douglas Bader Memorial Trophy” 2015. There is nothing that stops Steven, as he says himself “If I can achieve all of these things with one arm, what are you capable of achieving with two?”

 His enthusiasm is a great influence on everyone that he comes across and he is constantly teaching and proving to people that with “passion, determination and the right attitude you can achieve anything you put your mind to”.

 How can I help my clients? By giving them the services they require. Listening to the keynote speaker requirements. Fulfilling the objectives of the client. Deliver “take homes” that can be used time and time again.


Motivate and inspire your workforce to achieve more and to take pride in pulling out all the stops, whether reaching their targets or deadlines, at work or in their personal life.


You can achieve your potential and more. When you realize what you are really capable of achieving, your eyes will be opened to the possibilities that surround us all.


Steven proves by example that people can achieve their dreams and that anything is possible and in fact failure does not exist, just different degrees of success.


I know it’s a cliché but if you don’t ask you don’t get because they don’t know you want it in the first place!


Overcoming your fears sounds impossible, doesn’t it? It’s not when you have the tools and the right mindset.


Change is inevitable, how will you cope? How will you manage the change? What type of changes are there? The list is endless but change can be exciting, rewarding  and something to look forward to.



Steven in no stranger to the media and has featured on many TV programmes proving to the nation that anything truly is possible! 





Whether you are looking for a corporate speaker for you next multi-national conference, after dinner speaker, a closing or opening keynote speaker. You will not be disappointed with your choice. Steven has wowed over 10,000,000 people. 4 million watched him on “The One Show” and over 6 million watched him do the seemingly impossible on the Davina McCall show ‘This Time Next Year” this is not to mention the 1000’s of delegates during his time as a professional motivational speaker. Now also a published author.



39 years ago, Steven’s life changed beyond recognition.

An accident caused him to lose his right arm, setting him on a path of ingenuity, courage and determination.

Now, a motivational speaker, Steven looks back over his life at the challenges he’s overcome and the amazing moments that have shaped his future.

As a true Yorkshire man, this book is written from the soul without frills. Detailing his resolve to overcome disability prejudice, to enjoy life to the full and make his life his own.

Steven would tell you, his life is not that remarkable, but in this book you’ll see that he truly is. Steven is an inventor, a pilot, equestrian and dancer; and that’s just the beginning.

Never listen to people who tell you with such confidence that you can’t do something, only listen to those that encourage you to succeed in your dreams and goals.” Steven Robinson

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Steven has spoken at some of the most prestiguous venues in the world, below are just a handful of some of the wonderful
locations Steven has delivered his keynot talk.

The Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Home of Coventry City football club.

The Theater In The Woods. Oshkosh EAA


The Molineux Stadium

Home of the wolverhampton Wanderrers football club

Colegio de san josé

villafranca de los barros (badajoz)






The Directors of Mortgage Bureau were delighted to have Steve as our Keynote speaker at our Annual Conference in February 2018. Our event had the theme of ‘Challenge and Opportunity’ and Steve fitted with this perfectly. An incredible man and a truly inspirational character, we had lots of great feedback from our wide range of delegates. Nothing was too much trouble for Steve, and it was really good of him to engage with our staff and guests, before and after his presentation. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Steve Robinson for your upcoming Sales conference, whatever your industry. Jamie Barnett, Director, Mortgage Bureau, part of the Countrywide Group.

Steven your keynote speech was exemplary! Valuable content and superbly delivered. You’re an absolute inspiration! What a privilege hearing you speak! I hope to have the opportunity again soon. Thanks for setting a great example for our speaker community. You definitely raise the bar!
Adrienne Gibson

I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your superb talk this afternoon.  It’s not very often someone gets a spontaneous, total-audeince standing ovation.  You deserved it; it was a masterclass in delivering a powerful message with a compelling story. You taught me a lot this afternoon, for which I am enormously grateful.

I look forward enormously to hearing you again,

All the best,

I Steve is the epitome of a motivational speaker. His humour, timing, story and message are superb. I first Steve speak a few years ago. I heard him again today. Boy, has he honed his craft! As with everything he turns his hand to, Steve looks to do the best he can. And he achieves it all. No wonder he keeps being interviews on tv!
Mark Lee FCA

Just a quick note to send you a huge “thank you” for your amazing presentation today at our January Members Meeting.

The feedback from our members and guests was overwhelmingly positive. You have a fabulous talent when telling your story, of getting right into people’s emotional centre, inspiring extremes of sadness and empathy for the low points in your life, and rapturous laughter at your positive observations and your humorous outlook.

We all learnt lessons from your talk today, and feel sure if we try to adopt some of your approaches, we can become better versions of ourselves.

Thank you so much for taking the time to travel all the way down to us.  Be safe, and keep in touch, and I hope we can work together again at some point in the future.

Very best regards

What an incredible journey and amazing how Steven tells hisstory with the highs and lows. His humour in adversity helps usas an audience listen and accept all aspects of his journey. Iwould highly recommend Steven as a motivational speaker for alltypes of conferences and business conventions.
Steve Judge



For all speaker enquiries contact Steven Robinson BEM

Telephone: +44 (0)771 2212315




For all speaker enquiries contact Steven Robinson BEM

+44 (0)771 2212315